Porthcawl Community First Responders are committed to raising awareness and providing community training around Public Access Defibrillators (PAD's). PAD's are designed to be placed at public buildings or key locations around the local community to be used by members of the public in cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. When there is a PAD near the location of a cardiac arrest the Ambulance Control Centre will pass the details of its location along with any passwords or key codes needed to get access to the PAD.

sudden cardiac arrest

There are a number of PAD's available around the Porthcawl area, however a large number
do not have 24 hr public access. That said we are currently working with the Porthcawl Town Council to purchase and install a number of Public Access Defibrillators at several locations around Porthcawl, including locations in Newton and Nottage. To date we have managed to secure sufficient funding to purchase and install our first PAD at the Porthcawl Ambulance Station. After working closely with Our Lady of the Sea Catholic Church, New Road, Porthcawl we have successfully collaborated with them to instal a second PAD at the Church.

Following further funding from the Porthcawl Town Council we have purchased a third PAD had we are hoping to have installed and operational at Nottage Stores very shortly.


For details of PAD's within your local community click here and enter your PostCode.

As a Team we have already been involved in supplying PAD training within the Bridgend County Borough, including supporting neighbouring CFR teams at Coity and the in the Garw Valley.

Within Porthcawl we have supplied CPR/Defibrillator awareness and practice sessions to the Reception staff of the Portway Surgery, along with the 4th Porthcawl Brownie Group. There will be more such sessions. The below were taken during the session held for the Reception Staff of the Portway Surgery.


It is a key aim of the Porthcawl Community First Responder Team to provide PAD and Basic Life Support (BLS) training to residents of Porthcawl. This training will be provided as soon as funding has been secured and the required training equipment procured, we are hopeful that this can be achieved from potential funding from the Co-op Local Causes Programme.

If you feel that you would be able to help us in securing funding for additional PADS within the Porthcawl community please contact us by
clicking here.