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(5th November 2018)
We are extremely pleased to announce that the Porthcawl Community First Responders are one of the three local Charities/Community Groups selected as recipients for the funds raised in this year’s "Co-op Local Community Fund". We are really looking forward to working with the Porthcawl Co-op Member Pioneer, Kerry Marlow, the Co-op staff at the Porthcawl and Newton stores along with the two other named local charities - “Cost of Cancer” and the “Ty Elis Counselling Service”.

Last year in Porthcawl alone over £30,000 was raised and shared between the Porthcawl Museum, Porthcawl Girl Guides and the Porthcawl Y Centre. Funds are raised by members of the Co-op simply by swiping their membership card when buying selected Co-op branded products and services – 1% of what is spent this way goes to the three nominated local causes within their community, one of which this year is us.

If you are not currently a Co-op member please sign up and help raise funds for the three locally based organisations nominated this year. Further information on the Co-op Local Community Fund please have a look at -

For details and information on the various fund raising events that will be held over the coming year as part of the Porthcawl Co-op Local Community Fund, please visit our "Co-op Local Causes" page - just click the link.

(26th October 2018)

Following collaboration between Our Lady Star of The Sea Catholic Church, New Road, Porthcawl and the Porthcawl Community First Responders another 24/7 Public Access Defibrillator has 'gone live' for members of the community to use in a medical emergency where someone is suffering from a Cardiac Arrest. I huge thanks to Chris Bale from the church and Porthcawl CFR's own Rhys Morgan for working to get this off the ground. Also a massive thanks to Dave from Connections Electrical Services for fitting the heated cabinet for us. Hopefully several more such installations to follow in Porthcawl over the coming months.

(26th October 2018)

A huge "well done" to all at the Seagull Pub in Nottage who held a very successful Coffee Morning in aid of their campaign to purchase and install a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) on the outside of the Pub. The response from the local community was superb and it was a pleasure for our team to play a small part in the event. Hopefully their target will be met very soon and a PAD installed for the benefit of the local community, further updates on this fabulous initiative will be posted when they are received.

(23rd October 2018)
What a cracking evening we had when we visited the 4th Porthcawl Brownies at Nottage to talk about Basic Life Support and to give the Brownies an opportunity to 'have a go' at CPR on training dolls. We had a tremendous welcome and the 12 Brownies were very attentive and all of them got involved to make it a very successful evening. Thanks to all the 4th Porthcawl Brownies and their Leaders for the invite.

(16th October 2018)

Members of the Porthcawl CFR team took part in the 2018 Restart-a-Heart day by assisting with CPR training delivered to pupils at Porthcawl Comprehensive School. This years event resulted in a record breaking 238,793 people across the UK being trained in life saving CPR. Thanks to the other trainers who took part at Porthcawl Comprehensive School, including a Paramedic, Police Officer, and a Hospital Consultant

(13th October 2018)

A huge THANK YOU to Bridgend County Borough Councillor Sean Apsey (Porthcawl West Central) who has used part of his Community Action Fund to purchase a Camel Lifting Device for the Porthcawl Community First Responders. On Saturday 13th October 2018 Councillor Aspey, accompanied by Porthcawl Town Councillor Tracy Hill, handed over the equipment and within an hour it was 'on call' with the Porthcawl CFR Team (981C) covering the Porthcawl area, but not before he took the opportunity to try it out.

group 2 good. sean has a go 1

(9th October 2018)

A massive THANK YOU to the organising committee of the Newton Fest '18 for the extremely generous donation following this years successful event. We are very grateful - the monies will be put to good use in assisting us to but the essential equipment needed to respond to medical emergencies on behalf of the Welsh Ambulance Service in and around the Porthcawl area.

(17th September 2018)

Over the weekend of the 15th and 16th September 2018 members of the Porthcawl CFR team joined other teams from around the region in training for the 'Enhanced CFR Feasibility programme'. For the next six months or so trained CFR's will be able to take additional patient observations (including temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and blood sugar levels) that will hopefully increase the value CFR teams will bring when attending calls in support of the Welsh Ambulance Service and improve the quality and level of information being passed back to the Critical Desk. It is anticipated that these additional skills will enable CFR's to carry out a more comprehensive and complete patient assessment thereby increasing the quality of patient care and information passed onto Ambulance staff during the Patient Handover Process.

IMG_0383 IMG_0378

(6th September 2018)

In early September 2018 Porthcawl CFR Rhys Morgan started a two-year Paramedic Science Course at Swansea University which, after successful completion, will see him become a qualified Paramedic. Rhys since he joined the team back in October 2017 and it has been a pleasure to watch him develop and grow into a first-rate CFR, his dedication to the team and enthusiasm cannot be faulted. Our WAST Liaison Officer has a quotation that he puts at the end of emails - “the heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others”, Rhys has certainly taking this onboard in his time with us.

Although he has started this full time course Rhys continues to work as an active part of the team and is frequently on call with the Porthcawl Community
. Good luck with the course Rhys and on behalf of the Porthcawl Community First Responder Team and the people within the local community that you have helped when you answered their call for assistance – thank you

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Public Access Defibrillators:-
(6th August 2018)

On the 6th August 2018 the first of hopefully many PADs (Public Access Defibrillators) went live in Porthcawl. It is located on the Porthcawl Ambulance Station and is intended for use by members of the public in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest. It was funded by donations to the Porthcawl Community First Responders by local people and organisations. We as a team are committed to adding more PADs around the town but at over a £1000 per location it will take time and money, but we are determined to get as many PADs as possible in and around Porthcawl as possible.

Below the team and CTL Huw Jackson (Welsh Ambulance Service) formally launch the PAD.


For further details on what we are currently doing, both as operational First Responders or our work in the local community on initiatives such as talks, presentations and CPR/Defibrillation awareness & practical sessions, please visit out
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